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Positive psychology

A great, funny, informative and uplifting talk about Positive Psychology with Shawn Achor, a Harvard Psychologist who has received many awards.  Only 12 min and well worth the time :)!

How one thinks and what thoughts you chose to have can totally change your state of being.  And we have the choice from moment to moment…

To see more about this pshychologist click on this link below for TED Talk.



gönguferð útskrift

GRATTITUDE is what I try to base my life on.  As Eckhart Tolle has said:

„If the only prayer you said in your whole life was „thank you,“ that would suffice.“

To feel thanks, gratitude and appreciation can fill you with a sense of wellbeing and joy.  It brings you immediately to the „now,“ the existing moment, when you give thanks for what is at hand.  It opens your heart and attracts all the very best to you.

I try to start out every day by giving thanks for what is.  I give thanks for good sleep (or the sleep that I did manage to get!), a good bed, my beautiful home, my wonderful shower as I feel the water cascading over me, for the good food that I have for breakfast, how well it tastes, for the banana that by many miracles is now on my table :)

I thank for the good that resides in me, for my talents and perseverence, for my family and friends, my work, etc., etc., etc. 

Sometimes I go off the handle in the gratitude excercise and end up feeling amazingly happy, my heart filled with joy as I excitedly jump into my day!

Then I also thank in advance for all the good things that will come to me that day, and during the day itself often give thanks in my mind for the good that is with me in that moment and around me, often lifting my day to great heights.

I feel that if the day is challenging or difficult it often becomes lighter and easier if I focus on thanking for what is possibly good in that moment, and that moment etc.  Then my mood and feeling simply shifts and lifts a little, everything looks a bit better and I even handle the challenges more easily.

AND when the day is good and I focus on thanking for all the good in it the day becomes amazing!

– To open your heart and increase your wellbeing, give thanks.

– To acctract more abundance into your life, give thanks for what you have.

– To live more in the now, give thanks for what is there in that moment.

– To fill yourself with joy over the wonders of the world that are right in front of you, give thanks.

– To increase your energy, strength, power, health and self-healing abilities, give thanks.

– AND don´t forget to thank for yourself and the wonder that you are!! (plus all the amazing things you accomplish every day!)

Here below are two videos with Oprah Winfrey on the power of gratitude.  ENJOY!


A remarkable story and book

Feel that the story this woman has to share is really worthy, amazing and interesting.  An interview with her on youtube had a deep effect on me.  She has written a book about her experience that is called: Dying to be me.

Here is a video of her lecture on TED Talk that gives insight into her story.